Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mini Caramel Apples

Not a cake...but a yummy treat for sure! These are mini caramel apples. I got the idea from Family Fun Magazine and the instructions are listed on eHow, although I chose to melt caramel rather than the candy melts. I think I'll go with candy melts next time. The juicy apples and caramel didn't mix very well. The longer they sat the more gooey they got and the caramel just fell off the apple bites. Maybe I'll use the chocolate candy melts to seal in the moisture, then dip in caramel! Oh, the possibilities!! I'll be using a lot of the halloween ideas from this year. They all look so fun!


Anonymous said...

I have been craving a caramel apple. Those look so good. My ward has dessert of the month and in November they are going to make caramel apples dipped in chocolate and then our favorite topping. I will have to let you know how they taste.

liz said...

you are right! those do look easy and just the right size! thanks for sharing.