Friday, August 15, 2008

Fancy Scroll Wedding Cake

This is the cake decorated before the flowers were placed

The flowers were done by the bride's florist to match the other flowers. I just placed them on the cake to cascade down the side.
It is so beautiful!


Randa Farnsworth said...

looks so awesome! You get better and better!

Joseph said...

That's beautiful. I think I like it better without the roses though, honestly. The roses are nice, but they remind me for some reason of some of the hairstyles in Amadeus. Still, very nice both ways.

Brian and Amelia said...


Amber H. said...

wow, I think that might be my favorite one so far. I love it with and without the flowers! Great job! You are getting better and better each one you do...amazing!

rybyu49 said...

Wow! That cake is beautiful! Good job girl! :)
Amber M.