Wednesday, June 28, 2006

10" Present Cake

10" present cake is covered in Wilton Pre-made fondant. I made all of the decorations out of fondant too.


Joseph said...

This makes me think of some of the cakes by Collette Peters. Have you ever thought about doing a multi-tiered present cake, with funky angles like Collette does? I bet you could pull it off.

Jon and Angela Lanier said...

This cake is one that I teach in my course III class also. I have seen Collette Peters work and I will have to try out the funky angle cake one day. Not that I could ever be as good as her, but it's worth a try.

Joseph said...

What what what??? Never be as good as Colette Peters? I beg to differ. All you need is practice, and it looks like you're getting plenty of it. Keep up the good work, and you'll easily pass her up.