Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Train Cake

I made this for my friend's little boy's birthday. It was 4 mini loaf cakes trimmed with all kinds of goodies to make it look like a train.

Super Bowl Cake

I made this cake for a Superbowl party: Eagles vs. Patriots. The Teddy Graham players even had color coordinated uniforms with tiny numbers on them. I even made a few ref's!

Strawberries and Chocolate Bouquet

Ok, so this ISN'T a cake, but it's still a culinary creation so I thought I'd add it. I made this for my dad to give to my mom for Valentine's Day.

Incredibles Cake

My nephew's 3rd birthday cake. This one was done in a hurry and with store-bought red frosting that was hard to spread! It still turned out alright though.

Baby Shower Cake

A baby shower cake I made for a friend. Bottom layer is 10" and top layer is 6". Decorations are out of buttercream frosting, pink molding chocolate, and artificial flowers.

10" Present Cake

10" present cake is covered in Wilton Pre-made fondant. I made all of the decorations out of fondant too.

6" Yellow Petunia Cake

This is a 6" cake covered in buttercream frosting and decorated with royal icing yellow petunias.